Are you Addicted?

Pretty Addicted is a Dance-Punk act from the loopy mind of frontwoman & songwriter Vicious Precious. Described by Kerrang Magazine as a “pint-sized hurricane” Vicious has built quite the crazy train of loyal fans, also known as ‘Crackheads’, all over the country and this only seems to grow year by year. Welcomed by people of all music preferences, they manage to maneuver with ease among genres, creating new Crackheads wherever they go!

Self described as “If Marilyn Manson made 90s rave music, [I] like to think it would sound something like this” there are influences from rave, punk, goth, trance, metal and electro. They have planted themselves in the middle of everything; fit nowhere and yet everywhere. They have always stood out with their high-energy, outlandish and often controversial live shows; people often saying they were both “terrified and aroused”!

“Overall [Pretty Addicted] is like disappearing down the rabbit hole after dropping a tab or six of acid while being led on your journey by a demonic Mickey Mouse.”Firebrand Magazine

Upcoming Gigs

Dark Malta Festival - 18/Apr/2020
Montekristo Estate, Malta
London - 24/Apr/2020
Ipswich - 25/Apr/2020
Premier Pool Club
Derby - 26/Apr/2020
The Hairy Dog
Cardiff - 28/Apr/2020
Fuel Club
Liverpool - 30/Apr/2020
Fashion Hub
Newcastle-Under-Lyme - 03/May/2020
The Freebird
Leeds - 03/May/2020
Key Club
The Unholy Messtival - 17/Jul/2020
The Victoria Biker's Pub, Leicester