Pretty Addicted are a Dance-Punk band from the loopy mind of frontperson & songwriter Vicious Precious. Originally from London and formed in 2011, they are now based in Yorkshire. Described by Kerrang Magazine as a “pint-sized hurricane” Vicious has built quite the crazy train of loyal fans, also known as ‘Crackheads’, all over the country and this only seems to grow year by year. Welcomed by people of all music preferences, they manage to manoeuvre with ease among goths, punks, ravers, rockers and others, creating new Crackheads wherever they go! Alongside VP are Kevin “Marty Nooseneck” Johnston on bass guitar and Ashley “DADDY” Martin on drums.

Self described as “If Marilyn Manson made 90s rave music, [we] like to think it would sound something like this” it’s hard to put Pretty Addicted into any one genre as that is the point. Influences from rave, punk, goth, trance, metal and electro, they have planted themselves in the middle of everything; fit nowhere and yet everywhere. They have always stood out with their high-energy, outlandish and often controversial live shows; people often saying they were both “terrified and aroused”!

“Overall [Pretty Addicted] is like disappearing down the rabbit hole after dropping a tab or six of acid while being led on your journey by a demonic Mickey Mouse.” -Firebrand Magazine

They released their first album “Filth” in 2013. This was an experimental album, a band dipping their toes in the music industry water and it was more Industrial in tone, as opposed to the band’s now Dance-Punk crossover sound. In 2014 came the release of “It All Stems From Childhood” , often described by Vicious as the band’s “first real album” and by fans as a “cult classic” . This album really started what is now considered the PA sound; mixing dance with punk and full of emotional lyrics telling the story of a broken childhood, delivered by a mixture of singing and screaming. In 2016 the third album “Holding Hands With The Shadow Man” was released and, with a rockier vibe amongst the ever present dance feel, it had a harsher edge that made it clear PA was able to play with an array of genres and yet still remain true to their style. Catchy hooks, bass heavy choruses and a harsher edge.

“The Magic Of A Lunatic” was released in 2017 and had a definite 90’s dance overtone. It’s obvious the band’s influences lie heavily in the 90’s, dance music and alternative alike, and yet the album is still modern. Always with a concept, Vicious sings with purpose and determination. The songs are made for you to feel and to get lost in. This zany world PA has created is not for the faint-hearted!

Albums 2,3 and 4 were made by crowdfunding campaigns on Indiegogo. All 3 campaigns superseded their goals, with album  4 reaching 100% by day 8 and 232% in total! Albums 2 and 4 were launched with ticket-only release parties and were massive successes. Fans have described Vicious’ vocal style as “raw”, “passionate” and with “a fierce presence”, some comparing it to the likes of Marilyn Manson and Maria Brink of In This Moment. You definitely get a Spooky Kids element to the overall sound of Pretty Addicted; songs like “Piggy” and “Choose Your Poison” from “Holding Hands With The Shadow Man” showcasing that Vicious is able to scream as well as sing and yet other tracks wouldn’t even go amiss amongst club kids of the early 90’s! There’s a place for PA in almost every walk of life and they’re hell-bent on trying it all!

Pretty Addicted have always been a bit of a square peg in a world full of round holes.  Led by the enigmatic Vicious Precious..their music has always had a strong following.  Recently the growth of that fan base has accelerated as more people catch on to what the music is about and why it is important. Gary Truman of ‘Whats On’ on ‘The Magic Of A Lunatic’

The band has performed all over the country; doing headline tours as well as support shows, supporting the likes of Michale Graves (ex-Misfits), Crazy Town and Sulpher. They played at Subkult festival in Sweden in 2017 and are back at Subkult this Summer 2019! They have also performed in Switzerland and France. In 2014 they did shows in Texas, USA, and hope to go back to the US very soon! They also performed at Mammothfest & Devolution Magazine‘s 2017 Halloween event. In 2018 they stepped up their festival game by playing Amplified Festival, described as “the new Bloodstock” (alongside bands like Jinjer, Soil and Evil Scarecrow) and Rebellion Punk Festival (alongside bands like Stiff Little fingers, The Exploited and UK SUBS) on the Introducing Stage. This year they are back at Rebellion Festival but this time on Main Stage!

They have had their tracks played on Australian and American Radio as well as being interviewed on Australian Radio 4ZZZ in both 2015 and 2016. Vicious has also had interviews on UK radio shows including Psychosin Project and TBFM Radio. Their songs are played in prestigious, alternative clubs all around the world including Slimelight, UK, The Church, USA, Reykjavik Goth Night, Iceland, Bloodbath, Sweden and others.

It’s a steady rise to where this band is aiming to go. With sheer determination and passion above all else, Pretty Addicted are a band without a stop sign in sight and their mantra “We come. We fuck shit up. We leave” is a pretty spot-on description of what is happening here!

“[Vicious is] Someone that I respect to the hilt as an artist and someone who has peaked my fascination on numerous occasions this year. I have been incredibly fixated on Pretty Addicted and have been captivated by the rollercoaster of absolute highs and downright lows of a true DIY band pushing against the grain to justly make a mark on the scene, the industry and even the world.”Nickie Hobbs of ‘Devolution Magazine’